Large Animal Services

Serving ranchers of St. George and the greater Southern Utah area. Our vets are also licensed in Nevada and Arizona.

  • Bovine Fertility Exams
  • General Heard Health and Vaccination
  • Trich Testing
  • Intrastate Movement Requirements
  • Health Certificates

We offer full service care for all your reproduction needs. This includes breeding soundness exams, fresh, cooled and frozen semen management.

We also offer:

  • Uterine Diagnostics
  • Routine Pregnancy Well checks including vaccines
  • Foaling services
  • Post foaling examinations

 For more information about breeding your mare see our breeding contract and fee schedule.

Breeding Contract 2024

Fee Schedule 2024

State of the art facilities with padded induction and recovery stalls as well as Post Op and ICU observation stalls.  

  • Arthroscopic Surgery
  • Hernia Repairs
  • Chryptorpid Castration
  • Cribbing Surgery
  • Limb Correction
  • Neurectomy

Equine dental exams act as a general preventative procedure to insure your horses dental health is managed properly.

  • Oral Examinations
  • Routine Power Float
  • Oral Confirmation Correction
  • Sinusitis Treatment

Endoscopy is a vital tool in diagnosing upper air way conditions in your hours. It allows us to view the larynx, guttural pouches and pharynx and nose and more effectively treat any upper airway disease.

Indications for this treatment include

  • Coughing/Sneezing
  • Nasal Discharge
  • Decreased Energy
  • Labored Breathing 
  • Poor Performance

Equine lameness exams focus on identifying the exact location and treating the root cause of pain. 


General Diagnostics Include:

  • Radiography
  • Flexion Tests
  • Nerve Blocking
  • Ultrasonography

Pre- Purchase examinations help you understand the animals current condition and soundness and can help you know if the horse fits your needs.

Elements of Pre-Purchase Exams Include

  • Health History
  • General Attitude and Demeanor
  • Cardiovascular
  • Respiratory
  • Ext. Genitalia
  • Mouth/Teeth
  • Ears/Eyes
  • Body Condition and Confirmation
  • General Movement
  • Lameness Evaluation

We offer expedited coggins testing and Health Certificates for all your Intrastate movement needs.