Prices vary widely, we strive to provide affordable quality care. For a more accurate estimate please contact us at (435)628-6532. We can only estimate the cost of care, total cost is often only available when the patient is ready to be discharged.

A new client deposit of $70 is required for anyone who has not been to the clinic before. This deposit is taken over the phone, credited to the new account, and will be applied to the end balance when checking out.

Our technicians can provide you with a written estimate for any treatments that are recommended by the doctor. 



Our most common vaccines range from $30-$45



0-40lbs: $315-$515

41-90lbs: $335-$535

91+lbs: $370-$570




Dental procedures can vary widely in price depending on the severity of your pet's teeth. It is difficult to accurately estimate the price of the procedure until a fully sedated oral exam is complete.